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Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Reads! In the Mood For...Mondays #2

Hello Subjects of the Lit Castle!

Welcome to the second In the Mood For...Mondays, my new meme! You are definitely free to use it on your own blog, as long as you give credit to Maiden Myth and link back to the Lit Castle!

Today, Lit Castle in the Clouds is in the mood for...

Summer reads!

Although we're deep into summer and, where I live, stores are already beginning to display Christmas decorations (???) it is still summer nonetheless. So, whether you're going to the beach, have gone to the beach already, or are dreaming of going to the beach (as I am), these books are light, fun, and addictive, with true heart underneath.

Dramarama by E. Lockhart (YA)

"Two theater-mad, self-invented

fabulositon Ohio teenagers.

One boy, one girl.

One gay, one straight.

One black, one white.


It's a season of hormones,

gold lame,

hissy fits,

jazz hands,

song and dance,

true love,

and unitards

that will determine their future

--and test their friendship."

I LOVE this book. It is one of my favorites, and I have read this book more times than any other book in my collection. It is hilarious, touching, inspiring, all wrapped up in a bittersweet ending that I didn't expect. E. Lockhart is an incredible author, and I suggest that you check out all of her books, because any one of them would make a perfect summer read.

Bird by Angela Johnson (YA)

"Bird, a thirteen-year-old girl with a mission, has run away in pursuit of her stepfather. She's sure she'll be able to convince him to return home—to fill the hole he left in their family. And while she hides near his sister's farmhouse, she becomes entwined in the lives of three people who also have holes to fill: Ethan, whose heart troubles have kept him too sheltered from kids his own age; Jay, whose brother has died unexpectedly; and Mrs. Pritchard, whose house has been too empty since her husband was moved to a nursing home.
Through the unique voices of the three kids, an eloquent, affecting story unfolds—the story of how one individual's warmth and kindness can heal so many hurts. Bird will leave you thoroughly uplifted."

From the first page, I was completely immersed in Angela Johnson's prose. It is both spare and poetic, and her descriptions are so vivid that I truly feel as though I am with the characters in the experience. The plot is poignant, but keeps a lighthearted spirit throughout the novel.

The Sisters Club by Megan McDonald (MG)

"Meet the Sisters Club: twelve-year-old Alex, aspiring actress and born drama queen; eight-year-old Joey, homework lover and pioneer wannabe; and smack in the middle, ten-year-old Stevie, the glue that holds them together — through dinner disasters, disputes over stolen lucky sweaters, and Alex’s going gaga over her leading man. Playfully weaving Stevie’s narration with Alex’s scripts, Joey’s notebook entries, and hilarious elements such as "How to Swear in Shakespeare" and "Dear Sock Monkey" letters, this hugely engaging novel showcases Megan McDonald’s ear for dialogue, comic timing, and insight into the ever-changing dynamics of sisterhood."

I read this book a few years ago, but it is still fresh in my mind as a wonderful book. Megan McDonald has long been one of my favorite authors, and the characters are life-like and laugh-out-loud hysterical. I loved the wackiness of the entire family, especially the part with the mother, who usually prepares mashed potatoes from a box for dinner, getting a cooking show.

I hope that you'll enjoy these books as much as I did, and I hope that you all are having a fantastic summer.

Until the next post,
Maiden Myth.

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